Junmai ginjyo[Koshino Maboroshino sake]720ml


Sparkiling SAKE[HAKURO-HANABI]720ml


Junmai daiginjyo[KioshinoShizuku]720ml


Beginner’s guide

If you are a sake beginner, here is some trivia to help you enjoy sake.

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How to distingush sake

Depending on the method of production, the type of koji used and the rice used, sake has a wide variety of appealing properties. Here we explain the different types of sake that are produced, and how they tend to taste.

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How to store sake

Sake is a very delicate drink and if stored incorrectly, its quality can quickly change.
In order to enjoy the original taste of sake, we recommend storing it in an environment with as little change in quality as possible.

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About us

We are an internet liquor store located in Niigata, Japan and have been serving Niigata's local sake to the world since 2000.

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